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I create branded content for all internet platforms. Short dynamic videos that tell a story with the intension of bring brands and people to life in unique and fun ways. 

Fashion - Behind the scenes video capturing the overall picture OR specific fashion films that elevate the story to bring more interest and engagement.


Product - Shooting food, drink and objects to give life and a dynamic interpretation of a feeling that the product evokes.

Personal profile - Capturing people in their environment with a story to tell, documenting career and personal life.

Wellness - Capturing moments to engage clients. In such a competitive market the demand to stand out from the crowd in the health and wellness field is huge. Yoga, pilates, boxing, meditation can all benefit from video content that captures the true essence.

Short, simple concepts and a straight forward shoot. Communication, creativity, hard work and a happy client

SHOWREEL - Videography /Direction

SHOWREEL - Videography /Direction

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